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"Gwen's Storytellings are a delight for listeners. Her voice quality, her presence, and her love for stories shine through her tellings.

Dr. Robert Bela Wilhelm

Founder and Director, School of Sacred Storytelling


"After listening to Gwen's storytelling, my students demonstrated a clearer grasp of the use of details and of the importance of flow in their own writing efforts." 

Cindy Jones

Richardson High School


"As Gwen Caldwell brings stories to life they touch your heart and bring to the surface a gambit of emotions from laughter to tears. The overwhelming comment from our women was, "when can we have her back?"

Martha Baker

Director of Women's Ministries

Little Rock, AR


"Our campus is still abuzz about your wonderful presentation. I have already told other librarians in our district about your fabulous program.”

Donna Maples

Librarian, Garland ISD


"Gwen had the 200 people at our banquet in the palm of her hand as she told them her stories."

Jan Hassler

Director -PAWS for Caring

Houston, TX


"Gwen was incredible. I have never heard this room so quiet!"

Conference participant


“…Our students are still talking about your stories! I will apply for another grant next year.  Thank you for opening the imaginations of our children.”

Lesley Roane

Librarian, Frisco ISD

"Those were the bestest stories I have ever heard."

2nd grade student at Teague Elementary

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